The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has truly been one for the record books and it's not over yet! As of September 7th, 2017 there are 3 active hurricanes in the Atlantic. Irma leading the pack as a catastrophic category 5, Jose following as a category 4 and Katia moving onto Mexico's shores as a category 2 with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph.

Hurricane Irma has already earned her spot in the record books by being one of the most powerful Tropical Cyclones to develop in the Atlantic. She maintained maximum sustained winds of 185 mph for over 24 hours - another record. Hurricane Irma also is the most powerful storm to ever make landfall in the Caribbean. As a Category 5 hurricane, Irma left a trail of devastation through the Caribbean leaving islands like Barbuda and Antigua that were once a tropical paradise flattened and uninhabitable. 

Forecast has plotted a path for Irma west of The Bahamas as it turns north toward Florida. Islands in The Bahamas that have been evacuated are Inagua, Mayaguana, San Salvador, Ragged Island and Long Island. Unfortunately, these islands are still recovering from hurricane Matthew, a category 3 storm that passed through October 2016 and even though the eye of  Irma is forecasted to pass west of the Bahamas these islands are still in its path.

Tropical Storm Jose been reclassified as a category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 150 mph. It too has been forecasted to veer North and out to sea but not before passing over the freshly devastated Barbuda and Antigua Islands.